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Living Successfully with Diabetes
Nobody said it would be easy.

"Control your diabetes to live, not live simply to control your diabetes." Dr. John Warvel was a very fine doctor whom I had the fortune to have as my doctor when I was a patient at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1957. This comment that he made to me as a teenage girl with diabetes has stuck with me all my life.

Dr. D. Logan Dunlap, another fine diabetic specialist in South Bend, Indiana, also made a comment that would be good for all diabetics to listen to. "Diabetes is what we in the medical profession call 'the silent killer.' It is difficult to get all your patients to realize that, even though they 'feel good,' their bodies are silently pushing them closer to death if they refuse to keep themselves in control." I cannot say enough about keeping yourselves in good control, live and enjoy your life, and remember the triangle they used to talk about in the early 1950s of diet, insulin, and exercise. I have tried to do the best I could (not always perfect, for sure) to keep this disease in good control so that I could possibly live a long life. It has been a good life, and I appreciate every day God has allowed me to enjoy His blessings here on Earth.

My husband, John Clayton, has always realized this and encouraged me in this endeavor. He has been my helpmate, my encourager, and always optimistic no matter what my difficulties might have been. This book is dedicated to John. I thank God for the husband he gave to me. He is the person who has pushed me to put some of my experiences, lessons, and thoughts down on paper because he believes it might help someone else. I hope that this book will be helpful to you.
(...read more by Phyllis Clayton who lived successfuly with insulin-dependent diabetes for 60 years, until she went home to be with the Lord in May of 2008...)

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